Lord, once again I thank you for the beautiful weather today and the chance I have to observe it while I spend time with you. To think that you could speak all of this into existence; that you are so big and so powerful and yet you take time to speak to me…. just one of your millions of children, is mind boggling. Wow! Thank you Lord! And now, as I sit here, I ask that you would speak again. Teach me another of your truths. Reveal to me a secret of your kingdom that I’ve not known before. You are so awesome and I long to know you more.

Even Jesus faced uncertainty. Just like you, he didn’t have a map laid out before him so that he would know what he would be doing three weeks from now. Remember, my Word says that the Spirit led him into the desert…. so yes, even he knows what it is like to wonder what my will is. But the key is that he took ONE DAY AT A TIME. He just simply went and did what the Spirit led him to do and did not worry about what he would be doing in two days or two weeks or two years. He had faith that I was directing his every day path and that that would eventually lead to the fulfillment of my calling on his life. Realize, Laura, that as long as you seek me, every piece of every day and every person you come in contact with is part of my plan. Even the mundane, every day stuff is part of my will for your life. I put you in YOUR family, in YOUR church, in YOUR city, in YOUR school, in YOUR classes… even at YOUR doctors office, and at YOUR  grocery store at the times I want you there. Do not underestimate the power of my presence in you to touch the lives of those you are around or my power to prepare you for the long-term calling I have placed on your life. This is what the scripture, Philippians 4:6 is talking about when it says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Trusting me whole-heartedly…. that I am leading you every minute of every day, every place you go.


The Road Ahead


Lord, thank you for a peaceful nights sleep and for letting me drink from your healing waters again.

Thank you for trying so hard on your studies. You have learned the discipline of endurance and perseverance through your years of school and it will serve you well down the road. Do not be afraid of what lies ahead. I know it seems uncertain in your eyes, but trust me, it is not. Doors WILL  open and you WILL walk through them in your perfect timing if you will continue holding my hand. I love you and will NEVER let you go.

Thank you Lord. You are so good to me!




Would you let me take this doubt from your mind? This is why praise is so important. When you declare my goodness, when you declare my faithfulness, when you declare my love, it dispels doubt and fear.

These years of pain, tears, and intercession are much like the labor pains of a woman. Though the pain and tears last for the night, my joy comes in the morning. The pain is worth it. New life will be born. The person you are praying for will come home to me.

I thank you, Lord, for every victory that was won through my prayers tonight. Thank you, Lord, for freedom.

Laura, don’t forget that I understand your weaknesses and I am not angry with you when you mess up. I love you. All that I ask is that you come to me and ask for forgiveness when you mess up. Seek me and you will find me true. Don’t cower in your sin and disgrace. Come to me so I can remove it. I have felt your pain. I have carried your weights. I am with you every minute of every day. It is up to you, though, to lean on me for strength and to give me those burdens that are too heavy to bear. Trust me Laura. I love you! I LOVE YOU! I love you!