I love you Lord! Thank you for illuminating your word to me so that I could see that it is okay to get homesick for heaven as long as I am willing to stay here and reach those who you have called me to.

Laura, it is right and natural for you to get homesick for heaven. It is part of your nature to want to be with those you love and I know that you love me, but don’t forget… you don’t have to wait until you get to heaven to be with me. I am with you right now.

I know, Lord, but it’s that tangible face-to-face encounter that I can’t wait for; to look into your eyes, to touch your hair, to lay my head on your chest, all of these things sound so wonderful. I long for that day. Please, Lord, in the mean time, let me know you as intimately as possible while I am still on this earth. Teach me to love; to truly love as you do.

This intimate relationship you ask for is the desire of my heart. Your fellowship and friendship is what this relationship is all about. It is your primary reason for living and everything else should flow out of it. If you can learn this principle and apply it to your life at this young age, you will be able to accomplish so much for me and the two of us will become the best of friends. I, too, long to have you with me and to feel your touch, but together we must wait, for there are many others you must bring with you when you come.                                                           


                                                                                           Papa God







Thank you, Lord, for teaching me again. I have learned something new in your word for each of the last 3 days and find that exciting.Please continue to show me new things each day as I continue to seek you.

Laura, I delight in showing myself to you and in teaching you new things. It’s like how you love to give Katrina and Mercy gifts and teach them something new. I am the same way. I get excited to see you lay burdens down and pick up new gifts.I love to see your eyes light up when you learn something new.

When you hold onto bondage, it hurts me though. Just like you’ve told your dad and Randy that it hurts you to see them hurt. Imagine how it is for me. I love you way more than you’ll ever love either one of them. So the next time I prompt you, please let go of your burdens and accept the gifts I’m trying to give you.