Yesterday, I was trying to tell you that I understand your physical limitations and that there was nothing wrong with just resting when that was what your body needed to do. I did not want you to “push past the pain” and force yourself to spend time with me. I am a God of compassion. It is not pleasurable for me to spend time with you if you do not really want to be there. I, by far, more enjoy being there with you when you want to be there with me… sort of like you have told your counselor many times, how you appreciate your mom coming by every night to take care of your physical needs but that a lot of times you just feel like a burden because you can tell she doesn’t really want to be there and is just fulfilling an obligation by coming. When you drag yourself into prayer times, bible reading, etc… you are making ME feel like a burden! You long for someone to spend time with you just because they want to. So do I! You long for genuine love and attention. I feel the same way! Remember, you are made in MY image! I would much rather you just come to spend time with me when you genuinely want to. Those times of fellowship are the ones that I cherish! I don’t want you to spend time with me out of obligation, dragging your feet, just checking another item off your “to do” list.





Laura, would you let me take this doubt from your mind?This is why praise is so important. When you declare my goodness, when you declare my faithfulness, when you declare my love, it dispels doubt and fear. It helps you to have faith, to trust me, and to depend on me.

These years of tears, pain, and intercession are much like the labor pains of a woman about to give birth. Though the pain and tears last for the night, my joy comes in the morning. The labor is worth it. New life will be born. My child will come home.

Laura, don’t forget that I understand your weaknesses and I am not angry with you when you mess up. I love you and all I ask is that you come to me to ask for forgiveness when you make mistakes. Seek me and you fill find me to be true. Do not cower and hide in your sin and disgrace. Come to me so I can remove it! I have felt your pain. I have carried your weights. I am with you every minute of every day. It is up to you though, to lean on me for strength and to give me those burdens that are too heavy to bear. Trust me Laura! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!