Laura, I want you to remember that I will NEVER leave you or forsake you. You will never be too heavy for me to carry. You think of me as a man who would easily tire of carrying someone around for thirty minutes but my arms are huge and strong, the arms that created the universe…. the hands that hold the Earth. Surely with this strength you do not think carrying you and your burdens would be too much for me. Do not feel guilty for leaving your burdens and pain with me. They are but the weight of a grain of sand in my hands… so give them to me and let me keep them.




Yesterday, I was trying to tell you that I understand your physical limitations and that there was nothing wrong with just resting when that was what your body needed to do. I did not want you to “push past the pain” and force yourself to spend time with me. I am a God of compassion. It is not pleasurable for me to spend time with you if you do not really want to be there. I, by far, more enjoy being there with you when you want to be there with me… sort of like you have told your counselor many times, how you appreciate your mom coming by every night to take care of your physical needs but that a lot of times you just feel like a burden because you can tell she doesn’t really want to be there and is just fulfilling an obligation by coming. When you drag yourself into prayer times, bible reading, etc… you are making ME feel like a burden! You long for someone to spend time with you just because they want to. So do I! You long for genuine love and attention. I feel the same way! Remember, you are made in MY image! I would much rather you just come to spend time with me when you genuinely want to. Those times of fellowship are the ones that I cherish! I don’t want you to spend time with me out of obligation, dragging your feet, just checking another item off your “to do” list.




Thank you, Lord, for teaching me again. I have learned something new in your word for each of the last 3 days and find that exciting.Please continue to show me new things each day as I continue to seek you.

Laura, I delight in showing myself to you and in teaching you new things. It’s like how you love to give Katrina and Mercy gifts and teach them something new. I am the same way. I get excited to see you lay burdens down and pick up new gifts.I love to see your eyes light up when you learn something new.

When you hold onto bondage, it hurts me though. Just like you’ve told your dad and Randy that it hurts you to see them hurt. Imagine how it is for me. I love you way more than you’ll ever love either one of them. So the next time I prompt you, please let go of your burdens and accept the gifts I’m trying to give you.