Grace, Precious Grace

Thank you, Daddy, for teaching me about your unfailing grace. Thank you for helping me to see that until you choose to remove the pain from my back you are using it to show others (and myself) how strong you can be in my weakness. And certainly you are! Daily, Father, I leave this building and, as I walk down the hall, I pray, “God, I am SO tired! I have got to have your strength today. Thank you for letting YOUR joy be my strength!” And before I know it, the day is over and I’ve never thought once throughout the day about my fatigue or weakness because YOUR strength really has manifested in the midst of MY weakness!

Laura, it is because I love you, not in spite of my love for you, that I allow you to continue to walk in pain.

Father, what is it that you want to teach me in the midst of this trial? It has been going on for over 15 years. The entire time I have sought your healing and believed that you will heal me when it is YOUR timing and YOUR will… and yet, the pain remains. What is it that you want me to learn? Why do you allow it to continue? Is there another reason beyond your strength being shown through my weakness?

Again, I remind you that yes, there are certain people who need to witness my miracle of healing in your body who have not yet been present at the times you have sought my healing. You are on a journey with certain people in your life at certain times of your life and each of these people are touched by me through you. I work through you in ways, at just the right times, so that each of these people can see my power in your life. You have to remember that I have the “birds eye view”. I can see far beyond what you can see. It is for this reason that you must trust me! It’s just like in your apartment building, all you see is your own apartment, but I see the entire building, as if it had no walls at all, I see every person within it, all their lives and even the hearts and desires within them. All of these things are also within your proximity, but you can not see them. So you have to trust me. You have to know that I not only see you and your needs but the needs of every singe person you come into contact with.

Remember the vision I gave you many years ago? I showed you the heart of the person next to you and that it contained a foot print with all the lines and shapes that only matched your feet. That persons heart needed to be touched by YOU. I had set them up to be reached by YOU. Not someone else. Only your feet had the lines, the width, the length, the arch, etc… that fit in that indentation.

You’ve forgotten, over the years, that every person you encounter is a divine appointment set up by me. When you remember that you will be able to get your focus off your pain and onto the strength and relief that I am providing at every individual moment.

I love you SO SO much! You had it right tonight 

By godcatchers

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