Continuing to Share What He Speaks

To my readers, as few as you may be, I want you to know that although it has been a LONG time since I have posted I feel that it is again, God’s will that I share with you some of the conversations He has been having with me. In particular, the one we’ve had today. The next post, following this one, will be this conversation.

I will continue to post, as God leads, other conversations we’ve had. Again, some may be current and some may come from journals that were written years ago. As I type these entries into my computer I am sometimes led to share them with you. I want to encourage you to know that even though He might have spoken them to ME a long time ago, He may be speaking them to YOU today. He is the God who knows all, the God who knows YOU, the God who longs to speak to you TODAY.

Once again, as I continue this blog I want to encourage you to listen for His still small voice. As you seek him today, ask Him, “Father, what do you want to tell me today?” and then BE STILL and LISTEN. HE WILL SPEAK!

He will speak through his written word, through the people in your life, through his creation, and through that still small voice (His RHEMA word). Just remember, HE LOVES HIS CREATION AND THAT INCLUDES YOU, TODAY, RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT AS YOU READ THESE WORDS. May his love jump off this page and into your heart, and may you be eternally blessed.

By godcatchers

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