Image I love you, Lord. Thank you for illuminating Your Word to me so I can see that it is okay to get homesick for heaven as long as I am willing to stay here and reach those that you have called me to.

Lord, I am not sure exactly what your will for me is, but wherever and whatever it is, I am willing to follow you. Whether I am to do the things I feel you want me to do right now or something completely different, I am wiling. I only ask that you will open the doors, help me to see them, and give me the courage to walk right through them. I love you, Lord, and the thought of going to Africa to share your Good News and take care of your children makes me so excited! Thank you for guiding my steps and preparing me for the road that you have laid before me.

I love you too, Laura. You need to trust me with your future. Just as I have told you before… I am in control as long as you keep this attitude of humility, love, and openness, you will not miss my calling or disappoint me or miss my calling. Laura, it is right and natural for you to get homesick for heaven. It is part of your nature to want to be with those you love, and I know you love me, but do not forget… you do not have to wait until you get to heaven. i am with you right now.

I know, Lord, but it is that tangible, face-to-faced encounter that I can not wait for; to look into your eyes, to touch your hair, to lay my head on your chest, sounds so wonderful. I long for that day. Please, Lord, in the mean time, let me know you as intimately as possible while I am still on this earth. Please, Lord, teach me to love, to truly love as you do.

This intimate relationship you ask for is the desire of my heart. Your fellowship and friendship is what this relationship is all about. It is your primary reason for living and everything else should flow out of it. If you can learn this principle and apply it to your life at this young age, you will be able to accomplish so much for me and the two of us will be the best of friends. I, too, long to have you with me and feel your touch, but together we must wait, for there are many others you must bring with you when you come.




Yesterday, I was trying to tell you that I understand your physical limitations and that there was nothing wrong with just resting when that was what your body needed to do. I did not want you to “push past the pain” and force yourself to spend time with me. I am a God of compassion. It is not pleasurable for me to spend time with you if you do not really want to be there. I, by far, more enjoy being there with you when you want to be there with me… sort of like you have told your counselor many times, how you appreciate your mom coming by every night to take care of your physical needs but that a lot of times you just feel like a burden because you can tell she doesn’t really want to be there and is just fulfilling an obligation by coming. When you drag yourself into prayer times, bible reading, etc… you are making ME feel like a burden! You long for someone to spend time with you just because they want to. So do I! You long for genuine love and attention. I feel the same way! Remember, you are made in MY image! I would much rather you just come to spend time with me when you genuinely want to. Those times of fellowship are the ones that I cherish! I don’t want you to spend time with me out of obligation, dragging your feet, just checking another item off your “to do” list.