I love you Lord! Thank you for illuminating your word to me so that I could see that it is okay to get homesick for heaven as long as I am willing to stay here and reach those who you have called me to.

Laura, it is right and natural for you to get homesick for heaven. It is part of your nature to want to be with those you love and I know that you love me, but don’t forget… you don’t have to wait until you get to heaven to be with me. I am with you right now.

I know, Lord, but it’s that tangible face-to-face encounter that I can’t wait for; to look into your eyes, to touch your hair, to lay my head on your chest, all of these things sound so wonderful. I long for that day. Please, Lord, in the mean time, let me know you as intimately as possible while I am still on this earth. Teach me to love; to truly love as you do.

This intimate relationship you ask for is the desire of my heart. Your fellowship and friendship is what this relationship is all about. It is your primary reason for living and everything else should flow out of it. If you can learn this principle and apply it to your life at this young age, you will be able to accomplish so much for me and the two of us will become the best of friends. I, too, long to have you with me and to feel your touch, but together we must wait, for there are many others you must bring with you when you come.                                                           


                                                                                           Papa God







Laura, would you let me take this doubt from your mind?This is why praise is so important. When you declare my goodness, when you declare my faithfulness, when you declare my love, it dispels doubt and fear. It helps you to have faith, to trust me, and to depend on me.

These years of tears, pain, and intercession are much like the labor pains of a woman about to give birth. Though the pain and tears last for the night, my joy comes in the morning. The labor is worth it. New life will be born. My child will come home.

Laura, don’t forget that I understand your weaknesses and I am not angry with you when you mess up. I love you and all I ask is that you come to me to ask for forgiveness when you make mistakes. Seek me and you fill find me to be true. Do not cower and hide in your sin and disgrace. Come to me so I can remove it! I have felt your pain. I have carried your weights. I am with you every minute of every day. It is up to you though, to lean on me for strength and to give me those burdens that are too heavy to bear. Trust me Laura! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!

The New Me



Thank you for opening my eyes to see a new truth tonight, that YOU BELIEVE IN ME! Lord, I’ve been taught all my life that I’m unworthy, a nobody, a screw-up, and why would you want to use someone like that? What I need to remember is that that was the OLD me. I am sanctified by you! Thank you Lord!

Now that you realize this, you need to act on it and share it with the people around you. To many Christian, like you, have studied my word and gone to church all of their lives but don’t understand this. But I’ll warn you… pray that you will speak this message with the anointing of my spirit; that this truth will cut deeper than a two-edged sword, piercing the darkness; letting the truth pour through.