I love you so much Lord! I am so hungry for your presence! Come into this place, I pray.I need you Lord! I need your tangible presence!

Just stand and wait Laura. It’s just you and me here.

Lord, for some reason, when you spoke those words, I crumbled. For some reason, all the expectation of who I am and should be and how I would act, crumble. Thank you, Lord, for setting me free!

I love you Laura. If you will learn to see this as that place, that one oasis where it is just you and me, you won’t have any more trouble keeping these daily devotion times.Right now, you hold on so tightly to stay on the tightrope that you’re constantly tense, constantly under pressure. I want you to let that go in my presence and I will help you to let it go during the day as well. Lean on me Laura. Relax.

By godcatchers

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